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In November 2010, Judge Pyle was elected and retained his seat on the bench.

During his tenure, Judge Pyle presided over major felony trials, directed the installation of wireless internet access, promoted the increased use of technology, produced television commercials promoting jury service, and was an advocate of problem-solving courts.

While at Indiana University, the Judge was an Indiana Conference for Legal Education Opportunities fellow and worked as a legal advisor for the Bloomington Police Dept.

Each faces a non-partisan retention vote in their district in the first general election following their seating on the Court and every ten years thereafter.Learn more about Indiana's Court of Appeals Districts Frequently Asked Questions About Court of Appeals Judges .), are former judges named to work part-time at trial courts across the state.In 1998, the law was amended to allow senior judges to contribute to the work of the Court of Appeals.Admitted to the Indiana bar in 2000, Judge Pyle served four years as a judicial clerk for the Honorable Carr L. During this time, the Judge was immersed in Indiana law, assisting in the researching and writing of opinions touching on criminal law, medical malpractice, contract law, family law, and constitutional law.Judge Pyle also has taught Public Policy; American National Government; Constitutional Law; Law, Politics & Society; and Criminal Law as an adjunct professor at Anderson University.

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