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Though I may speak with bravest fire, And have the gift to all inspire, And have not love, my words are vain, As sounding brass, and hopeless gain.

Though I may give all I possess, And striving so my love profess, But not be given by love within, The profit soon turns strangely thin.

Those whom God calls are purified, God daily gives us strength to bend Our thoughts, our skills, our energies, And life itself to this one end.

Would making your switches look adorable help you to conserve energy?

, a 17th century German hymn tune, harmonized in 1906 by Ralph Vaughan Williams.

All creatures of our God and King, lift up your voices, let us sing: Alleluia, alleluia!

Green wrote over 300 hymns and Christian songs as well as commissioned texts for special occasions. For who can serve a God so pure, Or claim to speak in such a Name, While doubt makes every step unsure, And self confuses every aim?

Thou fire so masterful and bright, that givest man both warmth and light, (R)Dear mother earth, who day by day unfoldest blessings on our way, O praise him, Alleluia!Thou leadest home the child of God, and Christ our Lord the way hath trod: (R)Let all things their Creator bless, and worship him in humbleness, O praise him, Alleluia!Praise, praise the Father, praise the Son, and praise the Spirit, Three in One: (R)Our second was The Gift of Love, by Hal Hopson, set to the English folk tune that I know as “The Water Is Wide”, but many know as “O Wally, Wally”.A design by Zhou Yide, Euphe Mo, Hang Zhou & Christine Liu tests the theory.The switch is circular, and when you’ve turned it off, it looks like it is smiling joyfully at you. We’ve seen a lot of concepts for switches that encourage people to turn them off, or unplug a device, or simply be aware how much energy is consumed, but none look quite as cute as this.

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Come, Spirit, come, our hearts control, Our spirits long to be made whole.

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