Jlist not updating

When the teacher presses the Shuffle button, the program reads a value ...

Good day IDE - Netbeans 5.5 Database - My Sql4 Could someone please help, i have a couple of JLists in my application,i have a text Field and a button that when a text is placed on the the textfield and the submit button pushed, the text should be inserted in to the database then,then the text should be pulled out at runtime ...

Then I create a student List object of JList class using student Model as a parameter and a JScroll Pane object from the student List.

Basically i am reading the socket and removing the elements in the list box and creating new elements from the socket data.

Sometimes I have this issue where the list just goes blank and I have to quit and restart the program in order for it to work again properly. What I mean by that is I want to be able to add things to the Jlist I have made while the program is running. I'm making a program for my teacher which assigns lab partners.

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