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"I was in love with someone I had never met in person," Duggar told It's no secret that the Duggar ladies have experienced rather difficult, sometimes life-threatening childbirths.

In 2015, Jessa Duggar suffered through ten hours of contractions, followed by excessive bleeding post-birth — an incredibly terrifying experience that resulted in her being rushed to the hospital after delivering her baby during a natural, at-home birth.

And though the Duggar daughter has trained to be a midwife, nothing could prepare her for actually giving birth herself.

When you're a well-known public figure and reality star, you're subject to the court of public opinion quite often — for just about anything and everything.No one knows this better than the Duggar clan, who are no strangers to having their every move (and social media post) scrutinized by fans, followers, and, of course, the haters.Jill Duggar has definitely seen her share of criticism throughout her time as a reality television star — especially from those who have opinions about her parenting techniques.Even the Duggar family's matriarch, Michelle Duggar, had a scary birth experience with her youngest daughter, Josie, in 2009.She ended up needing an emergency c-section at only 25 weeks along, when she was 51-years-old. Jill Duggar has certainly had her share of scary childbirth experiences, too.

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