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Rising from his desk and taking off his glasses he crossed the floor quickly and took the young woman into his arms. "Sarah, you always like to do new things, think of this as just a new thing. You're going to love the taste and sharing me with Dee." She didn't answer, her mouth was full of this wonderful cock. "That makes sense." She was getting worked up herself and did her best to swallow as much as she could of the huge cock. " She began to remember all the locker room pussies she'd seen in the last few years.But he was simply too big, so she used her tiny hands to twist it while she concentrated on the mushroom head, while she imagined what pussy tasted like. She was active at the local gym and occasionally used the one here on campus, one of the perks of being the faculty. Carl and Dee worked together getting the house presentable for guest, not that it needed much cleaning, just a little attention to dusting and a quick vacuum here and there.Dee was tired and now relaxed enough to drift to sleep and she did. She successfully got the plaintiffs case thrown out, but got punitive damages and court fees paid. Dee looked stunning in her best suit and many eyes were on her admiring the old lady of the firm wondering how she managed to look so young.Joy too, noticed that her boss seemed to look amazing.He'd never been with a woman of color, he knew many and he was curious.

Like most guys Carl was enchanted with the actress and Dolores bore a slight resemblance to Montgomery.It was late, he figured he'd use the bathroom and retire for the night. He was no longer looking like a body builder, but more like an Olympic swimmer, no he had a body like Michael Phelps. He looked into his shorts and his cock wasn't as big, he stroked it a few times and it indeed had become smaller, easily eight or nine inches erect he figured. " He realized that he hedged a like on the size he wished his cock to be, although eight inches was plenty, he didn't want to be out done by other guys and secretly wanted to be under ten inches as so not to be too big to scare off the new partners he anticipated fucking.He flexed in the mirror, all he was missing was the twenty-three gold medals and four more inches of height. That indeed would work." Carl took the stone from her hands and put it back in the velvet bag and into his desk drawer.Carl didn't tell her that he'd wished that they would be only slightly larger than before, knowing that she'd want them smaller. When they broke the kiss she began speaking again, just as excitedly. She was one of those rare women that could actually cum from breasts stimulation.He surmised too that since the jewel was his, he could overrule Dee's wishes. She was so animated now that although she needed a good night's sleep to be fresh for the morning's court appearance, it would take a while for her to relax enough. He looked at her and began rubbing her tits, taking one into his mouth. He loved her nipples and knew how much it turned her on to suck on them. She shuddered as a small quake of arousal passed through her.

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She always thought that it made grown women look like children, but for some reason, she thought, "The hell with it.

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