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For more details about the JDR including the plans for a second edition see the JDR page. I've also posted several hundred pages of lecture notes from an Introduction to Java Programming course I'm teaching at Polytechnic University.

Think of using methods as the a similar concept to paragraphing your writing.

They make it possible to reuse code without creating security risks or making a Java program less readable. Abstraction aims to hide complexity from the users and show them only the relevant information.

For example, if you want to drive a car, you don’t need to know about its internal workings. You can hide internal implementation details by using abstract classes or interfaces.

When they are called they are differentiated by the number, order, and types of their parameters.

Method overriding occurs when the child class overrides a method of its parent.

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In regards to commenting, yes some comments are somewhat pointless if what you're doing is pretty self explanatory.

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