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She gasped and he could feel her moving her hips beneath him.He ran one hand down her side, down her thigh, and in between her legs. Dean slowly inserted a finger between her, where she was nice and wet, and started slowly playing with her clit. "You can't hide your pleasure from me," Dean mocked. He played with her with his right hand and he kissed her and played with her right breast with his left hand.

I can't believe we just did that.""So what do you say? He gulped as she brought her other hand over to unfasten the button of his jeans. As soon as she and Sam had gotten together and she started getting to know Dean better, she'd wanted him as well. "Wait a minute, you mean you've discussed her making a move on me? "Sam laughed, walking away from Ruby and towards Dean. ""Come on, we can all hunt together by day, have amazing sex by night..." She started to unbutton her shirt. The boner painfully pushing against his jeans wouldn't let him deny that. Sam smiled and walked over to the table, picking up his wallet. I'm going to go get dinner."He gave Ruby a quick kiss, smiled at Dean, and left.Ruby slowly unzipped his fly and shimmied his pants down a bit. "I knew you'd be excited." She smiled, gently sticking her fingers in the waistband of his underwear and pulling them down. She put her left hand on Deans waist, rubbing his side, as she slowly took his cock in her right hand and, leaning down, gave the tip a small flick with her tongue. "Dean, I guess it's time I told you this, but I'm a little more..." He paused. He looked around nervously, threw his hands up, and said, "As crazy as this all is... Deans eyes followed Sam out the door, then they focused on Ruby. She smiled and walked toward him, putting her arms around his neck, kissing him.Hearing her beg to be fucked like that was too much for him to handle, especially with how long it had been since he'd gotten lucky. He grabbed her shoulder and rolled her over onto her stomach. "Oh fuck, Ruby, you feel so good," he said through gritted teeth.He then grabbed her waist and she inched her ass up in perpetration for doggie style. Ruby had such a perfect ass and her pussy was beautiful. He pumped vigorously, squeezing her ass so hard he was sure he would leave a series of small, fingerprint-sized bruises. "Harder, Dean," she gasped, and he happily obliged. "Faster," she begged."I don't want to come yet," he said, pulling in and out, nice and slow.

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She sucked and teased for a few minutes before suddenly taking as much of him in her mouth as possible. "Shit.."Ruby moved her head forward and back, running her tongue along the underside of his shaft, continuing to rub his side with her fingers. Although not as sexy as you of course." She leaned in to kiss him and their tongues danced for a minute before she pulled back. " He tried to get the image of his cock in Ruby's mouth immediately before she kissed his brother out of his head. "Babe, I know we talked about this, but I hadn't found the right time to talk to Dean about it yet. He grabbed her waist and kissed her hard, moving the both of them towards the bed.

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