Is anton yelchin dating anyone

He has talked about his upcoming movies in an interview, and he was kind of excited about it.

After being so popular, he has managed to keep his personal life very low profile.

All of the above actors are too old for you, for one thing, and they wouldn't go out with you anyway (being famous, they can get a date with other famous people).

At thirteen, you should concentrate on your real friends and enjoy being young. Presuming you mean the stars & not who has died on the actual show...

He has talked much about his present girlfriend or any current affair.

It might be because he is not dating anyone and he just wants to focus on his career.

He is not married and does not have a wife at the moment.

No as of now apolo Anton ohno does not have a girlfriend he has been focusing on skating and now the Olympics are over he wants to do things he hasn't done in his life yet as he said " my girlfriend is the ice, she is cold and hard" There has been no formal announcement that David Tennant is set to star in Primeval.

He is however about to shoot the latest Dreamworks remake of 1980's classic horror flick 'Fright Night' with Toni Collette, Colin Farrell and Anton Yelchin, which is due for release in October 2011.

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According to Vip FAQ, 81% of the site’s voters on their Anton Yelchin page believed him to be homosexual.

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