Intimidating person definition

Such offensive behavior happens in many forms, including sexual harassment.

To explore this concept, consider the following When an individual in the workplace feels scared, intimidated, or uncomfortable due to abuse or intimidation by a coworker, it creates what is called a hostile work environment.

Mary asked Brad to just leave her alone, but his offensive behavior continued, and it wasn’t long before Mary began dreading work each morning at a job she had dreamed of for over a year.

Mary went to human resources (“HR”) to make a complaint about Brad’s daily behavior, and the HR manager assured Mary she would take care of the problem.

There are federal and state laws in place to protect employees from being subjected to workplace hostility.

There are certain steps for anyone experiencing a situation that makes their work environment difficult or unbearable.

The harassment continued, and after another month, Mary was stressed past her limit.

Mary was afraid to complain to HR again because Brad had been with the company for nearly eight years, and she was afraid she would be fired for complaining.

To obtain information and forms for requesting a restraining order, the victim may visit the state’s court system website, or making a phone call to the state court civil clerk’s office For example: Alonzo began making advances toward Julia a mere three days into his new job.

Mary has grounds to file a civil lawsuit against both Brad and the company, which did not take adequate action to stop Brad from harassing her.

In many cases, a hostile work environment is created by an employer, supervisor, or business owner.

After signing her employment contract, Mary began being subjected to derogatory remarks made by Brad, another accountant.

Brads remarks began as sexually suggestive remarks then, when Mary ignored him, his comments quickly turned into a constant barrage of Mary’s ability to perform her job because she’s a woman.

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