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Nagoya is especially defined by its history after the establishment of Nagoya Castle.

After a prolonged period of war, Tokugawa Ieyasu was victorious at the Battle of Sekigahara in 1600.

Today, Nagoya continues to draw attention and keeps on developing as a Japanese international city. You can quickly and easily reach Nagoya by air or rail.

Nagoya continues to draw attention as a manufacturing city.During the rule of the seventh lord, Muneharu, culture, including Noh, Kyogen and tea ceremony, blossomed.Examples of this cultural development, along with items ranging from crafts to books that illustrate the development of Nagoya and the prosperity of the Owari Tokugawa family, are preserved and exhibited at Tokugawa Art Museum.That event marked the start of the Edo period, which lasted for 300 years.Ieyasu, who became the first Shogun (military ruler of Japan), built Nagoya Castle and moved the whole town of Kiyosu, the main city of the region until that point, to Nagoya.

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