Insufficient base table information for updating or refreshing

Even though OS/400 or i5/OS can allow updates of the view/logical file, some PC applications can report the logical file as being read-only.

At this time, the OS/400 or i5/OS database server does not return information to a request for unique keys on a logical nor does it return catalog information on the constraints that a logical inherits from a physical file.

Some versions of the MDAC parser appear to assume that all names are quoted identifiers (case-sensitive names).CPF2207 - Not authorized to use object xxxx LF in library xxxx.The user must have Read authorization to all logical files and all indexes built over the table.Most logical files and views created over one base table are updateable; however, certain restrictions apply.See the SQL Reference and Database Programming Reference for further details.

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Turning on the diagnostic trace in the ODBC data source (the one labeled Enable trace on the Diagnostic tab) will produce a log that lists the errors that might have been suppressed by the application. The application might also be attempting to use optimistic locking.

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