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While my peers learnt about puberty and growing up, I sat alone in the library with my mother’s sharp words that there was no need for me to be learning about such things rang in my head.

I was invited to discos and movie nights and parties, but of course, I could not go.

All my life I had been told to shun boys and focus on my education and career, and now that the fruits of my labor were at last beginning to peek out of the dense, leafy foliage, I was faced with this alarming u-turn, and told that in reality, none of this would bring my parents any satisfaction or happiness at all.

As I grew up, I could no longer wear shorts or dresses on hot summer days.

I was two years old when my parents left the shores of India forever and came here to build a new life for themselves.

This was the land of dreams and opportunities; it offered them a future that India never could.

The air was cool and temperate, not hot, damp and sweaty; the children were plump, fair and healthy, not weedy and malnourished; and the streets were clean and litter free, not writhing with the tangled limbs of the handicapped, destitute and starving. We played together in the blissful lighthearted way that only very small children can, but I was always reminded that I was not one of them.

Their kind was to be treated with suspicion, with their depraved concepts of single parenthood, divorce, boyfriends, pubs, gay rights and female bus drivers.

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You do understand, of course, that this was all for my own good. They only wanted to give me the best education, the best career and the best shot at life in this foreign country of dreams, with no unnecessary distractions.

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