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And along the way he began to re-evaluate and its two sequels.

He began to grow concerned that his book, though well-intentioned, had caused as much harm as good.

It’s not like everything in his books was wrong and not like some people didn’t genuinely benefit from them.

But they have provoked too many people to make mountains out of molehills and molehills out of mountains.

He sets up Skype calls with a whole list of people to hear their concerns and gather information about how they had benefited or suffered because of his books and the wider purity and courtship movements.

And then he sets out on a journey around North America to speak to a variety of people who were damaged by his book and had spoken against it. I don’t agree with a lot of my own book.” The film ends with him offering an apology to anyone who was in any way damaged by it.

Almost everyone who writes a book regrets at least something they said in it.

There aren’t many authors who look back at their books ten or twenty years on and don’t wish they could change at least a few chapters or paragraphs.

The dating and courtship movements represented a weird phase in evangelicalism and, as they finally fade, I think we are in a position to speak in much healthier and much more biblical ways about sexuality, about purity, about marriage, and about relationships.There are lots of stories to be told and lots of critiques to be offered. Some of his conclusions are interesting, though, in retrospect, kind of obvious.The book subtly elevated marriage as an ideal state and singleness as something unfortunate and undesirable—a temporary state God meant to resolve.A specific form of relationship on which the Bible is silent became a defining characteristic of Christian obedience and maturity. I think I was just a little too old and just a little too far outside the evangelical mainstream to be significantly impacted by book on dating and courtship?Who allows someone that young to be an authority on something so important?

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In the film he says that when he was that age he was sure he had all the answers.

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