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Zhao Gao was made the Prime Minister of the Qin empire during Qin Er Shi's reign.His reign was cruel and brought much suffering to the people.Cast: Zhan Yu Hao - Pan Da / Panda Superman Devon Song - Chi Nan Jie / Panda Hero Jessie Chiang - Jiang Xiao Yu Tiffany Yang - Li Ah / Li Lin En Tian Jing Chun - Wang Hu Li Guo Xiu - Li Zhen Yuan Guo Xiao Zhong - Shuai An Ge/Angus Wang Jing - Lu Si Qing Du Guo Wei - Lao Du Huang Huai Chen - Bei Dou Jiu Kong - Qian Shu Li Jie - Darren An Ze Hao - Principal Jiang of JVR Musical School Liao Jian Ling - Sandy Huang Tai An - A Fa Ye Tian Lun - Wu Long Zheng Yu Rong - Han Han Li Zhuo En - Eric Liu Xu Hao - Wang Lu Guo Ke Yu - Ma Fen Yuan Xiao Xu - Zheng Xin Qi Huang Jun Lang - Chen Chao Li Zhi Qin - Li Ah's mother Special Appearance: Jay Chou - Li Ao/Leo Eric Tsang - Pan Da's father Jerry Yan - Chen Jie Rui/Jerry Will Liu - Can Lang Shawn Yue - Luo Han Will Pan - Jason Vincent Fang - Shan Yang Cindy Yen - Cindy Love: Pan Da Chi Nan Jie Li Ah Xiao Yu Lu Si Qing Chi Nan Jie & Li Ah [Lovers]Pan Da & Xiao Yu [Lovers]Pan Da & Chi Nan Jie [Heroes]Hate: Wang Hu Soundtrack: Theme: Pandamen by Zhan Yu Hao and Devon Song Sub: Last Page by Jessie Chiang Insert: Love Attraction by Tiffany Yang Insert: Exposed by Wang Jing Insert: Wolf's Den by Picks- All Pan Da & Xiao Yu's, Chi Nan Jie & Li Ah's scenes!! ^^- Ending ~~~ Happy & Touching & Funny :)many many many more!Funny & Sweet ^^- Pan Da's playing piano is so sweet!! Panda Superman’s father was previously a very kind-hearted philanthropist, and organised many charity events.One day, someone kidnapped Li Li A and her mother so Panda Superman’s father rushed to save her. After this incident, his son would wear a panda outfit, and restore justice in the community. He became Panda Hero so he can help as much people as he can before he dies from a brain tumour. I love his nerdy style with a hero background ^^ SO CUTE!! First I was irritated by his hair style but how longer into the serie how better it suit him!

So funny ^^- LOVE SONG ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~- Pan Da send a video to Xiao Yu to make her happy! Burning, killing, looting, they begin destroying the whole city, and also begin brewing a terrible secret plan: to control the human brain.At such a critical time, Bright City’s two super heroes ‘Panda Superman’ and ‘Panda Hero’ take up the responsibility of protecting the citizens and restoring justice.Chinese: 熊貓人English: Pandamen Genre: SF, Action, Drama, Romance Episodes: 20Country: Taiwan/China Year: 2010Rating: 8.8My though: OMG I love this serie! I hardly can remember when I finish a Taiwanese serie in 5 days! They are both from the group Nan Quen Mama and I never got attentions for them.Its maybe a little bit childish with the cartoon in it But if you like action, romance, piano you really have to watch it! Although I will change a little bit if I was Jay, but love the scene of Ah Jie & Li Ah @ The end I was also happy that Bei Dou catch attention of me in the last EP to betray his boss! I got one of their CD and love the songs but thats all! But this her first serie so have a long way to go Atleast her songs are nice! In my opinion Tiffany is the first female leader & Jessie the second!

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By doing so he can do away with those who disapprove of the emperor's actions.

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