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You’re only given a limited amount of moves to work with, so each and every move you make has to be careful and calculated.• You can experiment with special candy matches and not worry about losing a move (you only lose a turn if a match is made.) You should primarily go for for matches that clear off more than three candies on the board.• And finally, Everlasting Gobstoppers are made when you match up six pieces of the same candy type.

• There’s three other special candies you’ll need to remember, Rockets, Fizzy Bubbles, and Everlasting Gobstoppers.Rockets are created by matching four of the same candies in a square formation.Once a rocket gets activated, it will clear off the main candy type listed in the stage goal.Not only will you create more special candies through this method, you may also create automatic matches that result from falling candies entering the board.• Completing a stage with leftover moves results in rockets going off, which are then used to clear off extra candies that create more matches and help raise your score.

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