How to go from dating to serious relationship

If you’re feeling confused, the following questions might help you think things over.The lines between these early stages of a relationship are often blurred. Going on a couple of dates with someone is not the same as dating that person.At this point, you might discuss with them the idea of becoming exclusive to one another.Being exclusive means that you don’t date other people and you certainly don’t engage in any sexual or physical acts with others.

Firstly, the actual number of dates you go on is perhaps less relevant than the total amount of time you have spent together.

Or perhaps you’ve started a relationship, but aren’t sure it’s actually what you want.

Really, someone’s ‘readiness’ for a relationship can be defined by so many things, but at it’s heart, it’s really a question of whether it’s something that you actually want and something you’re prepared to work for.

Time apart also allows you to think more about a person, or even to fantasize about them and what it would be like having them as your girlfriend or boyfriend.

It can build the level of anticipation and make each date that bit more intense.

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You might be asking yourself this question because you’ve got into a bit of a negative pattern with relationships – never quite getting things off the ground – and you want to know if the ‘problem’ is with you.

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