Hispnic dating culture

Originating In Spain, the number 13 is said to represent Christ and the Twelve Apostles.

The coins are usually carried in an ornately decorated silver or gold box or tray that becomes a family heirloom.

From La Presentacin to Quinceaeras to Weddings to celebrating El Aniversario de los Abuelos, Hispanic celebrations are joyful gatherings enriched by cherished customs and traditions.

The richness of Spanish celebrations is enhanced by the wide range of Hispanic backgrounds Mexican, Caribbean, Central and South American as well as the surrounding culture of North America, its language and its cultural norms.

The coins symbolize his commitment to care for her and provide for the economic and material welfare of the home.

Her acceptance of the coins symbolizes her trust and confidence in him.

In Catholic ceremonies, the Rosary is also included to further their devotion to Mary.

The Arras (the wedding coins) The arras are 13 coins (gold or silver) that the groom drops into the cupped hands of his bride.

Quince Aos The Quince Aos is a Hispanic tradition of celebrating a young girl's coming of age her 15th birthday.

They are manifested in church ceremonies and gran fiestas with family and friends.

And, for the Latino, la familia means not just mom, dad, brothers and sisters, but also abuelos, bisabuelos, tas, tos, madrinas, padrinos, comadres, compadres and oftentimes, their church family.

The traditions of native culture influence the spirit that animates the life of the Hispano.

These traditions are often ritual expressions of gratitude, love and commitment.

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Hispanics tend to see their children as gifts from God, and hence, express through rites and customs, their willingness to dedicate them from infancy to His service.

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