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However, excavations at nearby Midsummer Hillfort, Bredon Hill and Croft Ambrey all show evidence of violent destruction around the year 48 AD.This may suggest that the British Camp was abandoned or destroyed around the same time.The extensive earthworks remain clearly visible today and determine the shape of the hill.The Malvern Hills are formed of some of the most ancient rocks in England, mostly igneous and metamorphic rocks from the late Precambrian, known as the Uriconian, which are around 680 million years old.

Until recently, Malvern water was bottled commercially on a large scale and sold worldwide.

The story remains disputed, however, as Roman historian Tacitus implies a site closer to the river Severn.

There is therefore no evidence that Roman presence ended the prehistoric settlement at British Camp.

Malvern water is rainwater and snow meltwater that percolates through fissures created by the pressures of tectonic movements about 300 million years ago when advancing sedimentary layers of Silurian shale and limestone were pushed into and under older Precambrian rock.

When the fissures are saturated, a water table forms and the water emerges as springs around the fault lines between the strata.

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