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However, both Connolly and Walrod agree that this method is oftentimes inaccurate, especially as age increases above 50.You need to know your heart rate max to use heart rate training principles in your workout—so here are some of the experts' favorite ways to calculate your score.Contrary to what you may think, the optimal fat-burning zone is a relatively low intensity — specifically, 50-75 percent of HRR or MHR.“This is the zone where your body is primarily using fat as a fuel source, rather than carbohydrates,” Walrod said.

Gradually increase the speed every one to two minutes, while monitoring your heart rate.

There are three main heart rate zones: aerobic/low intensity, anaerobic/moderate intensity, and anaerobic/high intensity.

Using either your calculated heart rate max or your heart rate reserve (you’re able to use them interchangeably), determine each of the following numbers: One way to use heart rate training is for fat loss, specifically by optimizing the amount of fat your body is using as fuel.

Nope, we’re not talking about the latest wearable tech or fancy shoes. We talked to two heart rate training experts, Bryant Walrod, MD, and Declan Connolly, Ph D, about how to use their principles to lose weight, improve athletic performance and get the most out of your workouts.“Heart rate training is using your heart rate response to gauge the intensity you’re working,” Connolly, co-author of “Anybody can benefit from heart rate training.”Walrod, Assistant Professor of Clinical Family Medicine at The Ohio State University and team physician for the OSU Buckeyes, agreed.

“Once you have an understanding of your own heart rate, there’s a lot of application, depending on your goals.” To begin heart rate training, you have to know the top end of your ticker's capacity: your heart rate max.

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