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Unbuckle your pants and pull your penis out, he asked as we sat down. He replied, Pretend Im holding you captive and you cant move. Then he lowered his head down and placed my penis in his mouth with his hands holding my wrists. Then I began tingling all over as I was beginning to shoot my load into his mouth. I'm cumming." He wouldn;t have any part of that as he gripped my wrists even harder and sucked me harder. If my parents ever found out they would almost kill me.

My legs became wobbly and I began tingling all over as I spewed my load into his mouth. Then, after looking around, he bent back down and licked me clean. I had never had such an intense sexual feeling like this. My father was very prejudice about gay men not to mention him finding out my being sexually used by a gay black man. He grabbed my hand and again asked me to stay longer.

I was excited about entering the college in the fall but I had just been dumped by my high school sweetheart and felt like being alone....yea, wallowing in my misery.

As I got up to go he followed meperhaps to make sure I wasnt going to tell one of the ushers. Again his black hand was on my leg and crept closer to the fly of my pants which I had forgotten to zip back up.

His finger found it open and then two fingers rubbed my underwear.

I was only five and a half feet in height, very young looking, and it was difficult getting dates.

Little did I know at that time that my blonde hair and blue eyes would be an attraction to a predator I had never thought of.

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