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She believes that movies like , where the fact that her protagonist just so happens to be in an interracial relationship is never discussed, are important for normalization.

And no matter what her role is, one of her signatures is rocking her natural curls.“It’s empowering to play a woman and not have race be the focus,” she says.

There’s also the argument that when the entertainment industry focuses on simply slotting minorities into existing roles, it gets a pass on creating stories for and about people of color.

At the same time, Mbatha-Raw points out, the road to more diversity in entertainment means we need storylines where color is simply not a factor.

The Oxfordshire-born actress told cops how the stalker would bombard her with phone calls before hanging up every time she answered.

Her mood lifts even higher when a crew member switches the soundtrack from uptempo disco to Beyoncé’s “Ego,” her laugh reverberating from the depths of her belly — surprisingly loud — as she dances on the couch.

“But I will always bring who I am to the story and make sure my ethnicity is celebrated on screen.

I’m not afraid to have those tough conversations with directors about how I represent myself.

I have a feeling this kind of thing doesn’t happen around here that often.“I make it a point to play strong women, and women have given me the most dynamic and interesting roles of my career thus far,” says Mbatha-Raw.

“The fact that we have to consciously find opportunities for women “Change should never be just about actresses. “If it takes people that have their faces in magazines or on movie screens to raise awareness, so be it.

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