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He is usually never emotionally disturbed by anyone besides figures from his past, such as Darko Brevic.At first, Niko appears to be humble, but a very cold assassin, who take most orders without the slightest redundancy.He is almost emotionless, only expressing anger whenever he faces his enemies.He also finds it distasteful to traffic in cocaine and particularly heroin, although this may be due to the heavy jail sentences they attract as much as any moral qualms.He is skeptical of American mainstream culture, which he sees as "shallow" and "hypocritical" and has trouble relating to Roman's fascination with the country.

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However the player has access to several outfits as he/she progress: a medical outfit (which Niko use to kill Anthony Corrado), an expensive suit (which Niko use during official events such as the Roman's wedding), an outfit from the "Statue of Happiness" or even Claude's outfit (from the hero of Grand Theft Auto III).

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