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The other frequent theme here, and one where it falls down horribly, is the prevalence of helicopters.

When introducing yesterday’s The Lost And Damned WIT, I mentioned that I think a possible mistake made in these two excellent additional episodes for the GTA IV world was to repeat the downbeat, reluctant central character both times.

This isn’t the grey, washed-out world of Niko or Johnny.

Similarly to the original GTA IV, TBOGT has multiple mission paths open throughout.

(Unless you’re in a gay club, where it brilliantly ends in a big group dance.) Also available around the map are twenty-five parachute challenges.

Introducing the chute to GTA IV, it plays a vital role in a number of missions, but also can be accessed in your inventory for your own fun, or in the marked areas for attempting to land on extremely small targets after a long fall.

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