Grandma dating grandson

I'd be driving my car to work and I'd think to myself, 'Sally Elliot, you want to fuck your grandson. She was hunched up now, over the kitchen table, her ass off her chair.

" "Well," Grandma said as she looked up and our eyes locked together. It had come out in a rush, but a rush that signaled something other than apprehension. Grandma reached between her legs, pulled my cock into her juicy pussy, and while we slowly fucked I had ample opportunity to play with her full, fleshy tits, taking first one of her melons in my hand and then the other, pulling and pinching her nipples. Granny's rhythmic grunts were punctuated by groans of pleasure as her nipples stiffened to bursting. The fact that I was fucking my grandmother, and that she was fucking like a cat in heat, was secondary to the pleasure of fucking a mature, experienced, and very sexy older woman. She humped her ass back onto my cock with every deep stroke of my hips. She fumbled her tits free of her robe and they burst forth, huge and full. And how good his hard cock would feel in my pussy." Grandma moaned softly and raised her hands to her breasts. "Oh yes," she continued, licking her lips and starting to massage her massive tits pressed tightly against her robe. Only with you, Billy, it would all be so much better." I groaned and grandma matched my groan.

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