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Internal fuses checked for continuity and correct values. We don't like seeing incorrect fuses having been installed in a unit as that could mean it had prior issues, or if a fuse value was 'increased' it could have allowed too much current through an 'ailing' circuit causing un-due / un-necessary damage.

We aligned the tuner front-end for optimum AM & FM performance as older internal tuner components have always drifted on vintage gear over the years. AM seems to be an 'afterthought' on many stereo receivers and component tuners.

HUGE and VERY IMPRESSIVE looking, Sansui, brushed silver, QUAD receiver, surrounded by handsome, real Walnut wood veneer side plates.

Features gorgeous, back-lit slide rule analog tuning scale with matching VU meters as well.

Everything is in fabulous electrical and cosmetic condition! AMAZING looking when lit up at night or in a darkened room! All encased in a walnut grain, vinyl wrapped, cabinet with solid Walnut wood corner caps.

These are SERIOUS receivers and this one has been ' Tuner features: - Weighted flywheel analog "slide-rule" tuning - PLL FM Tuning and 'Dual Mos-Fet' circuitry - 7 Gang Tuning Capacitor - Fully Shielded tuner 'Front End' - FM Muting Selector (separate from the 'Stereo' selector) - Dual analog 'Signal Strength' and 'Tuning' VU meters - FM Detector / 4-channel RCA output - Dual position FM De-emphasis selectable for 50 or 75 msec - Built-In AM 'Stick / Bar' antenna Pre-Amp / 'Control Amplifier' features: - A, B, C, A B, A C, B C & Off speaker selector (max 2 pair at a time, just with most all receivers / amplifiers to maintain a 4 Ohm minimum) - Quasi-Quad-Band EQ w/ Sub-Bass, Bass, Treble and Super-Treble controls - Tone Defeat for purest signal path - Super quality de-tented Tone and Volume controls - "Loudness" function to boost Bass and Treble in relationship to Mid frequencies at lower volume levels for a much fuller sound.

'Heavy' built, machined aluminum knobs and button caps, also make this unit a pleasure to 'feel'.So, historically stereo manufacturers had to be concerned, primarily with paying themselves in the end, when they designed / built / produced something.When mfgs start out to design an item for market, they are usually backing into it from a projected retail / end user price point (that was not necessarily as applicable back in the day, which is how we ended up with monster receivers such as the Marantz 2500 & 2600, Pioneer SX-1980, Sansui G-22,000 and G-33,000, Yamaha CR-3020 and a couple of others ).Again, we have completely gone through this Pioneer SX-939 Stereo Receiver, as stated above and ' works great and sounds HUGE!Includes an 'e' copy / pdf download of the original Pioneer SX-939 owners / users / instruction manual, and brochure.

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It starts with the unique telescoping Gradall boom that handles more jobs efficiently, thanks to its movements and superior strength.

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