Gopro failed updating

Once all the data filled in, press the NEXT STEP button. Once all updates downloaded, unpack them and copy all the files to the root of the micro SD card.On the next page you need to select the type of updates you are interested in: Wi-Fi & FIRMWARE UPDATE – firmware update and Wi-Fi module. FIRMWARE UPDATE ONLY – only update the firmware of Go Pro camera. When updating Hero 3 models files need to be copied without folders, for 3 , 4th and 5th series you will need to copy entire folder.At the same time a photo or video file should present on the SD card, one will be enough.When all the files are copied in the memory card – press NEXT STEP. Now you need to eject the memory card and insert it back into the camera.The main thing at this time do not press and do not interrupt the firmware, otherwise your Go Pro can be damaged. Go Pro firmware update is complete, you can enjoy taking new photos and videos with updated firmware.

So I had to go through the upgrade process using the barbaric manual method.

Or if you're using a memory card you haven't used with your Go Pro yet, take a photo with your Go Pro to format the card and then sync it.

Doing so will ensure your media is safe should anything go wrong during the upgrade process.

After switching on the camera it will automatically update.

If done correctly, “UPDATING” appears on the camera display. Firmware upgrade may take several minutes, during this time the camera is repeatedly switched off and on again.

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The root directory simply means not to store it within a folder on the memory card.

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