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I had cancer in 1998 and after my recovery I decided in 2007 to move from North Sydney to a small village in the Blue Mountains mainly for financial gain.

By then I was semi retired, it meant I could travel more and spend more time on my writing.

Ultimately I realised he was an unreliable alcoholic that hadn’t been a ‘university professor’ as I was told, rather he was tom catting around humping as many women as he could. It ended with him saying on a call, “you’re trying to get too close to me”. I took down my profile from the dating site and set about putting myself back together.

I’d been looking for love and security all my life, I’d finally realised that I couldn’t rely any more on men to fill the void.

I ended up meeting my partner at a nightclub while on vacation in Ibiza with a girlfriend.

After I’ve had time to wash away the frustrations, sadness and overall grossness. I feel like I have messaged every single person in my home city that I would consider dating via apps. The chances of someone new entering the dating scene that hasn't been around in the last ten years are zero. My distant female friends say they use it to find guys to buy them things. Doesn’t matter the site or platform as they don’t really care if it gets the job done. I was also still paying a mortgage and had my two teenagers to manage.This didn’t leave much time or energy for my personal relationships - they didn’t last.I hoped to find someone independent and suitable to spend time with.I was only online for four days when Matthew came into my life.

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I started feeling exhausted at just the of another date filled with small talk and attempts to put my best foot forward. And while it might not be the right choice for you, here are a few things I learned from this "break" that became a full-on renouncement of dating apps: is possible—but it sure ain't likely." In a world where two potential matches could be in the same bar and not notice each other because they're both swiping around on Tinder, it feels like online is the only place to meet someone.

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