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One of our most popular features at the old Frum Forum site was a weekly book review under the heading "David's Bookshelf." I am bringing the bookshelf to the Daily Beast and widening the contributors as well.

One might think such opaqueness about the finances of the chief executive would detain the attention of a remotely vigilant Congress.Consider Trump’s longstanding refusal to adhere to the convention of financial disclosure, including publishing tax returns.Also observe his maintenance of a business corporation while in office, including the cheerful acceptance of substantial payments from foreign partners into the bargain.His journey is fascinating because the ideas that attracted him to modern ideological conservatism are those that I have found increasingly off-putting. economy pay less, on average, than the jobs lost, and the 1% have already financially recovered.The social effects of the Great Recession mean a harsher reality for most Americans. An unapologetic attempt to soberly address one of America’s greatest social problems: the decline and collapse of the American family. The worst in the industrialized world for starters.

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