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A friend with benefits is a person with whom you maintain a positive relationship, but whom you only really see for casual sex.Such relationships might baffle someone who is looking for romantic love, but according to Men's Fitness writer Holly Martin, these types of relationships are trending.It’s not ALL you need, of course, but it’s a solid start.– The next good sign is that you feel a sense of trust with him.Sure, you both might be seeing other people, but neither of you lies or hides things. Which means you sense that you’ve got a connection here, and neither of you wants to jeopardize it.

To have a successful friends with benefits relationship, choose your FWB carefully, lay some ground rules, maintain a casual relationship and stay honest about your feelings.

The rest continued as friends-with-benefits relationships.” In short, the relationship is likely to change or end at some point, so it’s best to be honest about your feelings if you want to avoid complications.

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You probably also want to avoid anyone who lives in your building, advises Christine Coppa in Glamour Magazine.

If you see your FWB outside of the bedroom on a regular basis, your relationship is likely to move faster than you intended.

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