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The phone call comes out of the blue, breaking the long stretches of silence between me and my dad.

It's early last year and he is calling from Melbourne, my hometown.

I am at work in Sydney, eating a sandwich on a sunlit terrace above the Harris Street hubbub. His voice sounds weak and plaintive and I struggle to hear him."Jas, I'm getting old now," he says, in his slow Cambodian lilt. "It's been 15 years since I came out to him as gay.

Not once has he expressed an interest in my love life.

As if my life did not mean anything."My life is not complete," he says, with heavy emphasis on each word.

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  1. If on the contrary there is not such right, then the Washington legislature can issue whatever restrictions that they deem appropiate on people marrying, as long as there is ANY rational argument for it.