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“Let the attorney determine whether the footage is favorable or not favorable to [your] case, and let the attorney advise you on what to do with the footage.”Last, some practical considerations.Read how to set up a dash cam and start planning how you’ll connect a dash cam in your own car (and ensure you have a convenient enough power supply) before deciding you’re sure you want one.A few details differentiate this pair: the 512GW records at 1440p resolution, has touch-sensitive buttons, and a plastic body; the 612GW records at a crisper 2160p (4K) and has both an easier-to-use touchscreen and a sturdier aluminum body.

A 64 GB micro SD card (like the one we recommend) costs about , as of the time of writing.With its 1296p resolution, the Papago Go Safe 550’s image quality is better than many models we’ve tested (although not as sharp as our top pick or runner-up).It has a bright 2.7-inch display, its mount provides a wide range of adjustment, and its controls are reasonably easy to use.If your routine drive ever turns into a life-altering event, you might appreciate having a dash cam to show what happened.This continuously recording, windshield-mounted device can document an accident you’re involved in and provide you with evidence to share with a lawyer, insurance company, or law enforcement, proving something was not your fault (ideally) rather than hoping everyone takes your word for it.

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Unlike our above picks, though, the 550 doesn’t have a GPS receiver, Wi-Fi, or a compatible smartphone app—but that’s the compromise you make for this camera’s consistently lower price.

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