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Unfortunately my plans fall through quite often and I end up keeping it far longer than I would like. They have been treated by heat and/or dried to destroy foodborne microorganisms that can cause illness or spoil food.

USDA is doing its part to help consumers keep food from going to waste. Bottled water companies may choose to add a date to the bottle due to concerns about taste and odor, not safety.

"That's why they have cotton in them," he explains.

What about condoms, where a misjudgment could be disastrous?

Alan Goldhammer, Ph D, associate vice president for regulatory affairs of the Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America (Ph RMA), tells Web MD that safety, purity, and potency must be tested and established over time by drug manufacturers.

If a drug says the expiration date is 18 months hence, it means these three qualities can only be guaranteed that long, assuming the drug is stored properly.

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