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Anyone searching for a soulmate or just for a bit of fun may welcome some guidelines to help sharpen their skills.Be ready for a bit of banter and eyelash battering all in the hope of catching one of cupid’s arrows. The subtle rules of flirting vary greatly across Europe; foreigners are often unaware if they are being courted or insulted.As such, young Italian makes see foreign women as fair game; long, traditional courtships with Italian women frustrate these young men.Even though bottom-pinching is a thing of the past, women sitting on their own in a Rome café are likely to attract more than one rowdy .Regardless of culture, says Jean-Baptiste, touching too early during any interaction can trigger defense mechanisms.Approaching or complimenting a stranger in the street can also reap the same reaction in the Netherlands.

The Germans – ever anxious to get it right – have taken things one step further; there are now several schools offering individual or group lessons in flirting etiquette.

The French are always trying to seduce everyone in this second sense.

This can mean that people often flirt in a casual, good-natured way without a sexual proposition necessarily behind it.

For around €125, students can take part in a weekend-long flirtation workshop at the Be2 school.

The instructors Justine Lethem and Volker Dottie claim their “knowledge of flirting comes as much from their scientific as well as their practical experience.” Similar workshops are held in many European countries.

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