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”“Oh I have, all day and my panties are wet just seeing you now.”“Mmm, maybe you should show me how much.”Removing my glasses, I start with a little tease.Dropping my dress from my shoulder to show the bra he bought for me not that long ago.The colour is his favourite and he knows my panties are to match. Already the laptop has been set the side from him and his towel removed.

I can taste it in my mouth, the stickiness on my lips and the need for him to see my own juice is overwhelming.

I know how wet I am and from watching his reaction, I know exactly where it is taking him.

His cock hasn’t left his hands, the echo of the depth of his breathing indicates to me how much he is enjoying my show.

Within a few seconds, his handsome face pops up on my screen.

Relaxed and laid back, just out of the shower and ready to enjoy his early evening. Just viewing him laying there gives me the yearning to close my thighs tighter together for some kind of release and has my temperature rising and eager to be naughty tonight.

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