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Twenty years later my marriage ended and I was devastated.

Slowly I got my life back together with the help of some good girlfriends and discovered a social life I’d not had before.

I had a lovely home, a great social life, fabulous friends and plenty of disposable income.

I was very content as I was and if a special man had come into my life it would have been a bonus.

When I began a love affair with Turkey 11 years ago I didn’t expect that it would also lead to me falling for a local man, 17 years my junior, who has been my husband for fi ve years.

Crucially Pauline, who’d seen our friendship develop, thought it was wonderful.

The idea was ludicrous to me, mainly because he was so much younger.

Yet our friendship blossomed and although we’re from different cultures we share the same strong family values and outlook on life.

His family have been incredibly welcoming and I join in with many of their traditions .

After we married we set up our company, Ladybird Estates, an estate agency selling property in Turkey. A decade ago I’d have scoffed at the idea of marrying a younger Turkish man and moving here but we have a happy and strong marriage.

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