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Every incident disrupts this process, but the growing number of Ethiopian policemen is a sign of progress.

The most worrying aspect of the violent protests that we’ve seen in recent days (and also a few months ago) is the prospect of the Ethiopian integration issue being Americanized.

And they lived in isolated regions, mostly in Gondar Province.

As I witnessed, their villages were poor, mostly without access to electricity, with huts built of dung, twigs, and mud, and with no public transportation.

For most of that time, these Jews thought they were alone in the world, as they prayed daily to Jerusalem.

So, we must assume this will only end when the protesting public gets tired of it.

But in the late 1970s and 1980s, something historic began to happen.

Israel had become fully aware of the Ethiopian community and, via a few brave Ethiopian Jews who had earlier made their way to Israel, understood that a mass emigration was possible. Ethiopia was run by a thuggish Marxist regime, led by Colonel Mengistu, and allied with the Soviet Union.

To identify them, look for headlines with the automatic catchphrase “Black Lives Matter.” Indeed, comparing black protests is tempting: Black Israelis are raising a flag of racism and discrimination.

Black Israelis argue that white Israelis are not sensitive to their daily struggle. And the reason why begins with two very different histories of two black communities. Ethiopian Israelis were brought by their own country to play their part in the great Zionist saga of gathering Israel’s tribes.

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