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If you have been following news for the past few years, the Chinese are paying huge attention to Africa and the Indians and other European countries are as well,” said Arega.

“In the last three years, 28 embassies have opened in Africa.

Many distinctions have been blurred by intermarriage over the years but many also remain.

The differences may be observed in the number of languages spoken - an astonishing 83, falling into four main language groups: Semitic, Cushitic, Omotic and Nilo-Saharan. Regarding the country’s nations and nationalities, which is estimated to be over 90 million, the number of ethnic Oromo accounts about 34.5 % while Amhara (Amara) is 26.9%, Somali (Somalie) 6.2 %, Tigray (Tigrigna) 6.1%, Sidama 4%, Gurage 2.5%, Welaita 2.3%, Hadiya 1.7%, Afar (Affar) 1.7%, Gamo 1.5%, Gedeo 1.3%, other 11.3% (2007 Census).

We encourage the Africa diaspora – African Americans – to do business and strengthen this link,” said Arega, who added that promising areas for investment include manufacturing, telecommunications, power and solar energy and the creative arts/entertainment industry. The goal, he said, is to educate and inform West Coast investors, especially African Americans, about potential partnerships and economic growth that would profit individuals and companies and Ethiopia as well. S., which has branches like Calvin Klein, Tommy Hilfiger and many more.

Long known for its roots to the world’s three major religions – Christianity, Islam and Judaism, Ethiopia contains several ancient churches, castles and sites dating from the Middle Ages and older.Also, you visit over 80 countries when you come to Ethiopia because we have 80 different cultures living in harmony as one nation,” explained Segni, who said there are beautiful mountains, hiking trails and lakes, too. “Everywhere you go, the culture, the music, the dances are tremendous and in Africa, we have large animal centers and national parks in all areas. People understand the importance of Africa in the future economy and the politics of the world.We are leading those endeavors in many ways by our role in the African Union.

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