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If you want to commit one of the old files as the latest version, copy the file from the old revision directory over the top of the file in your working copy directory, and commit it from there. Right click on the file and choose update, and untick the 'use latest' box.

The most common status values are blank, 'unversioned', 'modified', 'added', 'deleted', 'missing' and 'conflict', and are described below.

If user B makes changes to revision 1 and tries to commit it, the server sees that user A's changes would be lost, and informs user B that they need to get user A's modifications first.

If you want to add the file, see the section on 'Adding files'. Right click on the file and choose update, and untick the 'use latest' box.

You will want to commit files when you have modified them, or when you want to finish adding or deleting them.

You can leave the 'Recursive' box ticked if you are just updating a single file.

Error while performing action: For example, if you mark a file for addition or deletion, or modify it, and then decide you didn't want to do that, you can revert it so that it wont be added, deleted or modified.If you want to update this old revision to a different revision, right click on its bookmark and choose 'update', un-tick 'use latest' and enter the revision you want, and click ok.The following steps are for files that aren't vis e.If you want to get an old version of a design and still keep your local copy of the latest one, you need to use the 'Checkout' option in Rapis SVN's 'Repository' menu.To do this, first make sure that any changes you have made to the file have been either committed, or if you don't want to do this, backed up somewhere else.

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