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I would like to know if this commission already exists and what issues need to be resolved?

Then too, sometimes a commission is a useful way to forget about problems; I would like to know if that is the case here. They asked a question, they were polite and not only that, but also they love the Church, consecrated women.

I have to meet these women theologians; they did a good job, but things have stopped. Because the office for the laity is now being restructured. Its likely based upon your comments (Fr Ratzinger, etc..) that you are not a co-religionist.

I am waiting for this to happen and then to take up the second issue, that of the women deacons. However for the record, filial piety is not an option for Catholics... Rydberg: Comments speculating as to whether or not someone is a "co-religionist" risk violating points 3 and 4 of our comments policy ("keep on topic" and "be charitable").

there was a good Syrian theologian there and one day I asked him about this, and he explained to me that in the early times of the Church there were some “deaconesses”. And another curious thing: when there was a judgement on a marriage because a husband hit his wife and she went to the bishop to complain, deaconesses were responsible for inspecting the bruises left on the woman’s body from her husband’s blows, and for informing the bishop. There are various publications on the diaconate in the Church, but it is not clear how it was.

I think that brings total deletions on those provisions to more than 10 for this morning alone.

I will also point out that deletions are not publicly noticeable unless you're very carefully and frequently checking the comments section on each article.

What prevents the Church from including women among permanent deacons, as was the case in the primitive Church?

Why not constitute an official commission to study the matter?

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Sometimes in Buenos Aires I would have a meeting with my consultors; I would listen to what they had to say and then I called in some women, and they saw things in a very different light. Benedict did retire to a life of prayer ( his words) meaning he wants to, well, retire and pray! Ratzinger, B16 emeritus, and finds his words helpful.

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