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She is a complex and curious cat that can sometimes be cloudy and complicated and other times terrifically simple. Your humility, humor and confidence will win her over, every day. She listens to the melodies of sentences, tastes the dewdrops of the moment, stares at the sunset and moonrise with fresh gratitude. She caresses your skin in a way that seems mindless, but she’s actually acutely aware of every micro movement of her fingers and yours. d Fifty Shades, when I saw this in the bookstore I wasn’t sure whether to laugh or cry. 93 percent of women polled are still trying to release their “inner goddesses” and get their sexy mojo going? They didn’t ask me, because this is what I would have told them. Give her a good shakedown, make sure she’s not taking anything of yours with her and then tell her to hit the road. We read this phrase and have visions of this lovely goddess surrounded with dewy petals and wildlife, equal parts strength and femininity. Banished—vilified, even—from Europe’s Middle Ages onward, the Divine Feminine seems to have recently made a rather significant reappearance in the world.In a timely swing away from notions of a patriarchal version of God the Father, women in particular are embracing the Goddess in many forms and along a wide array of avenues.What good is it if the goddess returns and men refuse her presence?What good is it if the goddess strives to blossom in both women and men, but men offer her no home?

It’s not about what your “inner goddess” wants or what she would do. When I hear women talking about “connecting with their inner goddess” or “releasing their inner goddess” or “listening to their inner goddess,” I hear one more way we aren’t taking ownership of our opinions, our passions and our voices.

He who celebrates her as different but equal, the brave steward who appreciates the interrelatedness of all life.

The world remains gripped in greedy hands of an adolescent, one-dimensional masculinity, and something essential remains missing.

Give her her space, and take time to cultivate your own passions and friendships. This Gemini goddess is sensual, soulful and sensitive.

Under the stars, on the coffee table, in the parked car.

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