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Being current on your bills, credit cards and student loans is an important loan criterion. Grads represent lower risk and have higher approval rates.

A new loan with a lower interest rate will decrease your monthly payment, which may enable you to pay off the loan faster.

Once you refinance, these benefits will no longer be available to you.

If you are eligible for student loan forgiveness, we recommend calculating whether student loan forgiveness or refinancing will save you more money over the life of your loans.

Education Loan Finance is designed to assist borrowers through consolidating outstanding education loans into one single loan that effectively lowers your costs of education and/or makes repayment very simple.

Removing a cosigner from the original loan can be a difficult bureaucratic struggle.Parents can also save money by refinancing their PLUS loans, which typically have higher interest rates than student loans.You will lose eligibility for federal income-driven repayment plans if you refinance your federal student loans.Many students apply with a co-signer, often a parent or grandparent, when they first take out college loans.This enables young people with little or no credit history to get lower interest rates.

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