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One boundary that I have drawn is that I don’t date folks before they’re officially divorced, and I stay away from those who claim to be in “open marriages.” Marriage for me is partially defined by monogamy.

The fact is, it benefits the entire congregation when a minister is happy and well-matched.You obviously don’t want to post photos of yourself in super-sexy outfits or say sleazy things or in any way to compromise yourself, but there’s no shame in trying to meet single people.Design your profile knowing that it may be seen by those who know you in ministry and hold your head high. If someone should happen to come upon your profile and comment on it, you can just say, “Oh, dating is so hard nowadays.Dear Single Pastor, Welcome to my world, and the world of thousands of other men and women who are trying to serve God, church and family while still holding out hope for romance! I won’t say much more about it except to say that IF a member of your congregation sends strong “I’m interested” signals and you’re interested in him/her, you should assume that one of you should leave the congregation if there is to be a dating relationship. Some of us have given up on romance and are just seeking companionship, or maybe just someone to go see “Hairspray” with. I don’t need to tell you how much damage that kind of behavior can do: I’m sure you’ve read Marie Fortune and been as thoroughly trained in this mentality as I was.

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I’m not sure how I feel about all that online stuff, but it’s really challenging finding appropriate person to date.” My mother and two of my best friends in ministry met their spouses through the personal ads and online dating.

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