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It is part of our basic wiring and the reason solitary confinement is such a dreaded punishment.As humans, we are both simultaneously compelled to seek out others to interact with and usually confused as exactly how to successfully do that.Unfortunately, we venture into the real world and realize all those movies were a feel good fantasy. Sometimes the craving to get our kinky itch scratched can cause us to leap before looking and we land in a brier patch full of regret.The thing to remember is that dating has a 99 percent failure rate. Luckily for you, there has never been a better time or place to be kinky than right now.The majority of dates that we go on are not going to work out for one reason or another. It used to be that kinky people had to place ads in the back of obscure newspapers, cross their fingers and hope for the best. These days we have the internet as a resource and are no longer hidden in the shadows.Sites like Swing Towns, Fet Life, and enable you to find fellow kinksters locally and around the world. The right M for your MFM is out there for you and your wife.Polyamory is actually much more common than people may first realize and if you bring a dateable self to the dating pool, you will eventually find yourself with the right person for you.

As long as you are honest and clear in your communication, there is a fit for you out there. Today we tackle how to meet potential kinky partners, the best way to respond to personal ads and dating as a polyamorous person.All of these are things that are, while completely doable, often stumbling blocks that people lack confidence about. These stumbling blocks are all easily conquered.“As a kinky woman, it is easy to get discouraged. Finding someone that has their life together and doesn’t come with a lot of baggage already seems almost impossible, but they need to be kinky as well…if feels like I am fishing in such a small pond as to never succeed.Missed connections, not knowing where to look, and failing to find the right fit for our needs are a common relationship complaint.Finding the right person(s) to connect with is often easier said than done, despite how much work we put into it.

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Is it any wonder that dating is a $1.3 billion industry?

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  1. I'm not talking about getting drunk on a Friday night and going on Omegle to talk to strangers that are not interested in doing anything outside of the box to entertain you for hours on end.