Did he change his mind dating

I was devastated and tried everything to get over him, but I don't think I ever stopped loving him.

We had arranged to live together with friends in 2nd year so cutting him out of my life completely was not an option however contact was very limited.

We made each other very happy, but then all of sudden the other night, I told him that I loved him, and he suddenly said he wasn't ready for a relationship.

He is genuinely very busy with his course and has a lot of work on and still wants to make time for his friends so understand that he feels like he doesn't have time for a girlfriend as he says he would like to go out on dates and if he were to cancel he would feel bad.

One of our beautiful readers, who has chosen to remain anonymous, was in a friends with benefits situation and is wondering if he will ever come around and want a committed relationship with her.

Ultimately I want a relationship but do you think he will ever give me that or should I move on? I would so much rather that you spare yourself the hurt and pain of putting all your eggs in one basket while there’s so many others out there just waiting for someone like you to be free enough and in touch enough with yourself with who you really are and what you’re really looking for, so they could begin to see you and head over in your direction.He cried and said he still wanted me to be close to him and that he couldn't lose me, and he was sure that in another time we would be together, but he just isn't ready for a relationship now.Basically I want to know whether he will ever change his mind and want a relationship with me.He’s always thinking there’s something better out there, but honestly, this type of guy ends up alone. You might have missed the signs, but they were probably there.If he got with you shortly after his traumatic breakup with his ex or he was often mentioning her (red flag: he got emotional talking about her on your first date), he might have decided to go back to her for another shot, leaving any chance with you unfulfilled. A guy can lose interest in a woman he’s dating if he was never really interested in her to begin with. Giulia Simolo Giulia is a freelance writer living in Johannesburg, South Africa.

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