Diamond consolidating the third wave democracies v 1

Party systems in Taiwan and South Korea / Teh-fu Huang. Political parties in East Central Europe / Gábor Tóka. Scholars generally disagree about the precise number of democratic waves.Huntington describes three waves: the first "slow" wave of the 19th century, a second wave after World War II, and a third wave beginning in the mid-1970s in South Europe, followed by Latin America and Asia.In this book noted political sociologist Larry Diamond sets forth a distinctive theoretical perspective on democratic evolution and consolidation in the late twentieth century.Rejecting theories that posit preconditions for democracy—and thus dismiss its prospects in poor countries—Diamond argues instead for a "developmental" theory of democracy.

Diamond begins by assessing the "third wave" of global democratization that began in 1974. From opposition to atomization / Aleksander Smolar. The middle classes and democratization / Hsin-Huang Michael Hsiao & Hagen Koo. He is also coeditor, with Marc Plattner, of the Journal of Democracy and of other collections of essays available from Johns Hopkins, including The Global Resurgence of Democracy and Consolidating the Third Wave Democracies. Illusions about consolidation / Guillermo O'Donnell. Battling the undertow in Latin America / Abraham F.

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Most remain engaged in the struggle to consolidate their new and fragile democratic institutions.

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