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But if you are really spiritual, yet you lack these few character traits, your spirituality is still useless, and it still amounts to nothing. If you are careless, it is the person who is careless.Spirituality can be compared to the ingredients, whereas character is the man himself behind the ingredients. If you are thorough, it is the person who is thorough.Brothers, the elders among us are not professionals; they serve altogether out of love.We function as elders because we love the Lord, the church, and every member of His Body.

Dear brothers and sisters, this is not a great doctrine.This is kind of true, you can probably un-rack twice as much weight as you can actually squat, so technically at the top position of a one rep max you are not working at 100%. 1) If you do use accommodating resistance, you are going to have to reduce the total bar weight (obviously cannot have your 1rm on the bar plus accommodating resistance), which in turn will jeopardize the amount of tension that is actually occurring at other regions in the movement, especially regions before the sticking point.No matter how you twist it, whether it is at the top of the movement or the bottom, you are going to be leaving some level of strength (maximal tension) on the table unless you have some sort of isokinetic device.An elder must have a thorough, diligent, and stable character.He must be concerned for others and must be accommodating.

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It also means that a greater acceleration phase will allow for greater average velocities to be achieved and therefore greater average power outputs for a given percentage of 1rm Accommodating resistance is a good way to teach an athlete what it feels like to aggressively accelerate a bar.

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