Defining and validating high level design metrics

They are based on different sets of assumptions (about the design process) related to a well defined experimental goal they help reach: identify error-prone software parts.

In particular, ratio-scale metrics for cohesion and coupling are defined, that show interesting properties.

History of Software Measurement [PDF] Horst Zuse This paper on the history of software measurement covers the following topics: why software management, groundworks of software management, software design measurement, cost estimation measures, goal-question-metric paradigm, user-view and viewpoints, measurement theory and software measures, European projects, software measurement in Germany, research in the area of software metrics in USA, research in the area of software measurement in Japan, validation of software measures and prediction models, software measures in an object-oriented environment, data dependency measurement, entropy measures, software measures for distributed systems, neuronal networks and software measures, national and international conferences in the software measurement area, software measurement tools, software measures and reengineering, ISO 9000-3 and software measurement, cognitive processes and measures, and the future.

Bieman This paper discusses the following: differences in software metrics of procedural and object-oriented software, some current work in developing object-oriented metrics, the object-oriented reuse measurement project in Colorado State University, and how measurement is used to quantify desirable and undesirable structural style in object-oriented software.

Towards Maintainability Metrics on Software Architecture: An Adaptation of Object - Oriented Metrics [PDF] Per Olof Bengtsson This paper presents a set of software architecture metrics that have been adapted from the object oriented code level to the software architecture level.

The authors have specialized the general rules for counting Function Points for the case of a specification in the form of an ER-DFD model. Use Case: What About Function Points and Use Cases?

[PDF] Leslee Probasco This article answers the following question: "If we could estimate the functional complexity of a use case (e.g., hard, medium, or easy), is there a way to then estimate the number of function points those use cases might have?

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" FAST Function Points [PDF] David Seaver This slide presentation covers the following topics: overview of function points (IFPUG based technique), FAST function points overview, an example of requirements based Function Point Count, and an example of a screen based completed project Function Point Count.

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