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The main difference is that MILFs don’t seek attention while cougars revel in it.The truth is that cougars have a lot to offer younger men.

Even though they are sometimes vilified, cougars are as loving and caring as any other woman, it’s just that they aren’t scared of breaking taboos and speaking their minds.

To begin with, the word MILF means ‘mother I’d like to f***.’ Yes, the literal definition isn’t a particularly flattering one, which is why some women perceive it as an insult even though it was meant as a compliment.

Now, seeing that the male half of the population can be pretty weird when it comes to giving compliments, it doesn’t come as a surprise that women frown upon this expression.

Since cougars are becoming more and more popular, you can find great cougar dating sites all over the Internet and maybe even meet the cougar of your dreams.

What both MILFs and cougars have in common is that they are beautiful, self-confident, and irresistible.

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Keeping that in mind, men shouldn’t be afraid of approaching cougars as they have plenty more to gain than to lose – even if the relationship doesn’t last too long.

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