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Beautiful Latvian girls do not just become gorgeous by accident. A lot of them are serious about fitness and will find a way to work in some exercise time into their regular routines.

They also take great care of their skin and hair with the country contributing a great deal to the target market for most Baltic cosmetic brands.

Gaudiness is a no-no.7) "You Russian girls are really sexy." That one speaks for itself.8) "You kind of remind me of that girl in t. T.u." See point (7).9) "Oh man, you still live with your parents!

Women of Latvia stand out from others in the Baltic region not just because of their undeniable beauty, but also their character and personalities.

Most of Latvian ladies also have the trademark Baltic region’s piercing blue eyes that come in all sorts of different shapes and sizes.

To get an idea of this aesthetic, think of the likes of famous Latvian women like Ineta Radēviča and Aiga Grabuste.

This partly due to the gender imbalance in numbers that will be discussed below.

However, it is also because of the general zeal that these women have to learn and better themselves.

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