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See full summary » Fraser's unrequited love for the beautiful and rich Ginny gets a chance to prove itself, when she is suddenly kidnapped.

See full summary » A suicidal older man, Gordon Trout, is kidnapped for his car and money by three runaway teenagers who live on the streets. There are two meanings to take away from this ending.Where all we see with Susan is her at work, at a boring party, sitting at home, her at work again, a lot of baths, and then alone at a restaurant.Given her criticism, he probably had been writing about a struggling writer in NYC. That is, to me, absolutely a sign of mastery—when you can make the real into the surreal and the surreal resonate with someone else’s reality. By having the novel-within-a-movie it makes Susan’s and Edward’s “reality” seem closer to our own, and Tony’s all the more distant.Ostensibly, Edward’s using the story of Tony to not only express and exorcise the pain he felt at losing Susan but also fantasize about the revenge he would take on her husband/his replacement, Hutton Morrow (Armie Hammer). With that said, let’s dive into that enigmatic final scene. Edward says some nice guy thing in the vein of, “Name the time and place and I’m there”. Tony’s story deals with this very emotional and heightened tale of terror, survival, and revenge.

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See more » Not one viewer has commented on the age difference between Dorff and Sarandon... My daughter and I watched this together, and couldn't wait to get online to check out their birthdates. The movie itself was awesome..and easy to imagine (or wish) that this could truly take place.

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